Casa Museo Sarmiento

Casa Museo Sarmiento


Dirección: Rincón de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Teléfono: 4728-0570

Rincón de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sarmiento saw in the Delta an enormous productive and tourist potential and this was demonstrated in the articles he wrote between 1855 and 1883 gathered in “The Carapachay”. Driven by that enthusiasm, he built his house for rest and leisure. He himself designed his house, chose the materials and directed the works personally: 'neither stone nor brick' he would say, thus privileging the willow wood and the palaphytic structure so typical of the Delta. He baptized the house as “Procida” and in it he spent long periods enjoying gardening, his beloved birds, the landscape in each season and productive experimentation with different species, including the wicker he first introduced in 1855 and which gave rise to an activity that characterizes the Tigre Delta. The Casa Sarmiento Museum belongs to the Municipality of Tigre since 1997 who declared it a 'Municipal Heritage'. The Museum and the site have been recently refurbished for its tour and host the only public square in the Delta. Currently, the Paula Albarracín Cultural Center also operates there, which has a public library and temporary exhibition rooms for island and continental artists to marvel at.