Welcome to Tigre!

Tigre is a destination that enthralls more than 5,000,000 visitors from Argentina and from all over the world.

It is the main goal of the Municipality that Tigre be recognized as a first-rate tourist destination, and to continue generating more than 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, which benefit our neighbors, as a result of the tourism supply chain.

From the very beginning, this Administration has endeavored to offer new and better options for tourists, enshrining our most valuable asset: our natural and cultural heritage.

Our Delta, unique in the world, is an attraction that stands out for its vastness and beauty.

But far from keeping the benefits of its bounty for ourselves, we pursue policies designed to promote all types of tourism, going beyond the limits of downtown Tigre, enhancing the recreational development of each of the localities, offering new attractions and proposals.

Added values such as well-cared-for public spaces, traffic organization, new accesses, new sustainability policies and the excellent results in terms of safety offer visitors peace of mind, making their experience much more enjoyable.

If visitors choose us, it is because Tigre chose them in the first place, and we work tirelessly to make them feel at home so that they keep coming back to us.

We are the perfect destination to visit. We are waiting for you!

Dr. Julio Zamora Local Mayor