Museo de la Reconquista

Museo de la Reconquista



Dirección: 470, Padre Castañeda, DFD, Provincia de Buenos Aires, B1648, Argentina.


Teléfono: 4512-4496

470, Padre Castañeda, DFD, Provincia de Buenos Aires, B1648, Argentina.

The museum was inaugurated on August 5, 1967. The house today has two floors of typical colonial construction, double exterior walls built with large bricks commonly used at the time, windows with bars and ceiling beams. The building is surrounded by large galleries, courtyards and gardens and the cistern is original to the estate. The park features very old trees, characteristic plants of the area and a cherry tree planted in homage to Borges by María Kodama in June 2011. Between 2014 and 2017, under the management of Dr. Julio Zamora, the institution reformulated its contents with the intention of modernizing it taking into account the visitor's feelings and highlighting the complex history of the local inhabitant inserted in the present. The new script seeks to call for reflection, dialogue and questioning, by contextualizing the objects of its heritage and bringing together the protagonists of the past that make up the history of the Municipality of Tigre and its collective memory. Touring the rooms of this Museum allows you to get to know the natural and social history of Tigre, conditioned by its river pier which was, at the same time, the axis of its development. The script focuses on the process of formation of the Delta Islands, the legacy of the indigenous peoples, the activity of the ancient Port of Santa María de Las Conchas, the feat of Liniers, our major milestone, and the immigrant strength that gave rise to each of its localities.