Delta en Kayak

Delta en Kayak



Dirección: Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Teléfono: 152-471-5050 / 154-075-9975

Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kayaking and canoeing. Private transfer service from Tigre to our facility located over the Sarmiento River which has a terrace overlooking the river, an outdoor barbecue area, a private sandy beach waterfront, and a bar and restaurant. Also, enjoy their night tours that combine a delicious dinner and a wonderful bonfire on the island. Kayak lessons and rentals available. Events: trips all year round for companies, schools, groups and special celebrations. Our programs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays include: * Double and triple kayak rides. All equipment provided with the best instructors and an introductory class. *Tours riding either our special motorised canoe for ten rowers, or a canoe propelled by eight rowers. Ideal for everyone! *Night kayaking and canoeing - with dinner and bonfire on the island. *Kayak lessons, instruction, paddling and practice on our beach.